Friday, 14 September 2012


One of the holiday highlights, and the scene of the main event, Sarong was an absolute delight.

Set back from the road, the entrance to this restaurant created the sensation of a fabulous walled garden,  great splendour concealed behind. 
Unlike the venue in the previous post Sarong delivered on its promise.

Once inside the temple like gates the meandering path leads you across a serene lawn to something truly splendid.
The building meets all your expectations of 'classic Balinese' without any hint of touristy tackiness.
And the styling is exactly my thing.
Dutch colonial meets relaxed glam.
Aristocratic Safari.
Are they even categories?
Now I know I keep banging on about this whole colonial thing, but I will remind you that Indonesia was in fact a Dutch colony. 
And there are many reminders of this in carved motifs, the occasional street name, and indeed whole buildings. And it's all just a little bit reminiscent of the whole Anglo-Indian thing you know I love so much. 
You know, oppressive white people creating stylish surrounds in a tropical clime.

But it was done in a very contemporary classic kind of way. 
Modern seating with interesting textures.
Tables that were at once slightly rustic, yet quite refined.
And your classic Louis XVI fauteuil, which although not quite right for the locale, somehow worked to remind us of the former period of gracious European life.
Finish it all off with chandeliers and organza curtains, and I'm pretty damn happy.

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