Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Really Great Karma

Our holiday did end on quite the glorious note.
And the mediterranean theme continued.
At Nammos Beach Club.
So named for Nammos beach in Mykonos.
And decorated for it as well.
And before anybody suggests that this may be incongruous, it wasn't.

Sure Bali is part of a continent with its own very rich aesthetic traditions. 
And sure local inspiration abounds.
Maybe visitors can tire easily of things being 'too Asian'.
Which may beg the question: why are they there?

But this beach club was so seemlessly inspired, conceived and executed, and so sympathetic to the natural surrounds.
It is within the Karma Kandara resort, close to the southern most point of the island.
It was the furthest we ventured the entire week.
Except for those who visited Ubud.
I'd been there once before.
Heard it described as the Leura of Bali.
Once was enough for me.

But this spot I could visit time and time again.
We hired a bus to get there. 
From memory it was about a 3 hour ride.
The driver waited.
All day.
While we luxuriated in the sun, frolicked in the shallow water, and supped lavishly.
And as the sun started to set, we headed back to our villas.
There were 11 of us that day.
And we shared the fare which was the equivalent of about $AUD100.

Sometimes I really did struggle with how inexpensive this luxury costs, and therefore how little the locals get paid. 
It feels somehow fraudulent to live like a king on a shoestring.
Although we did spend a lot.
And we had a truly fabulous time.
But Bali is almost completely dependant on Australian tourism for its income.
And life there is inexpensive
So it would seem wrong not to go.
And I've already declared my undying love for the place.
And my commitment to returning.

And when I look at the image above of this beautiful beach.
With clear water.
No waves.
And sumptuous sun lounges between me and the sand, I am reminded why.
And it's a lot closer then Greece.
Even though I'm sure they could do with some Australian visitors too. 

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