Friday, 27 January 2012

Two for One

A mini sofa, an oversized armchair, call it what you will... we prefer the term Love Seat. 
Very cosy.
The shape is very classic and super smart - like an upright 1940s take on a chesterfield. 
I love a bit of studding, and it's got that most elegant of elements - a pair of bolster cushions. 
I'm also loving the single scatter cushion in the same fabric - very cool. And let's just talk about that fabric for a minute: it's a casual canvas in a chic shade of grey, which gives a comfortable tone to an otherwise very formal design. 

With its easy elegance and relaxed luxury this too is a piece that can work in many environments, and has a range of applications. 

Perch with a tea, lounge with a book, or our favourite, curl up on it with your plus one.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Round Two

So you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I am loving all things gold right now. Truth be known, I always have. But recently I’m seeing it in every fab place I look. And while I’ve always been more attracted to the old than the new, there’s nothing I like more than a clever new take on something tried and true.

Just look at these – so cool. A clever little nest of 2 circular tables. Put them with a single chair, curving around the end of a sofa, or in the centre of an-L shaped modular - round is visually less intrusive than square, and provides an oft-needed softening effect. And I’m loving the fact that there are 2 in the set –  there's usually three in a nest and I never quite know what to do with the third; it just gets in the way and takes up space.

And they are truly, truly beautiful. Featuring a distressed gold leaf finish, the top of each is an inset round mirror that has been aged. They feel so contemporary yet so antique. Whether you’re going for Georgian, Deco or 70s Vegas these can slot right in; rustic or urban, industrial or refined, they’ll work with it all.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Two Pots

Clearly I'm on a ceramics thing right now, because I just couldn't go past these. They may be small, but they've got it all - Italian-made, earthy tones, and my favourite right now, some gold detailing.
They're actually planter pots, dating from the 1960s and have apparently never been used. Seems a great shame for something so cute to be condemned to a cupboard all these years, particularly as they could go anywhere. I mean it, they could really go anywhere - there is not a single interior they wouldn't work in.
So if you want one, you'd better be quick, because there are only two and I'm having the other one.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Animal Crackers

While we’re doing the whole animal motif thing (which, as you know, is always very Becker Minty) take a look at these amazing ceramics.
Love, love, love them.
Created by designer and decorator Gilles Caffier, they really challenge your notions of texture. At first glance it’s difficult to determine exactly what they’re made of – alligator, crocodile, tortoise – amphibious surfaces abound, all very tactile, absolutely begging to be touched, and perfectly safe to do so.
My understanding and appreciation of them was greatly heightened by learning that Caffier began as a textile designer: it somehow gives them a whole new level of sensitivity.
For while sensitivity may not be high up on your must-have-in-a-vase list, a little bit of artistic integrity goes a long way.
And I for one can never have too many natural textures indoors - they provide a soothing balance to all the shine. And these are so subtle and sophisticated. You can cluster them, or let them stand alone. Pop them on a side table, a coffee table, a mantel or a credenza. 
Fill them with flowers and trinkets, or leave them untended.
Clever, chic and easily housed.

Friday, 13 January 2012

A favourite dish

So I just a have little more to say about this fabulous ceramic bowl, which although pictured in my previous blog, was not given the attention it deserves.
It is truly sensational, designed and made by uber-glam American ceramics company Waylande Gregory Studios.
The company’s namesake was a much-celebrated ceramicist, at the vanguard of mid 20th century high-gloss glamour. Working from the 30s to the 70s, Waylande Gregory exhibited in the Whitney and the Smithsonian, found his way into the most sophisticated of private collections, and to an extent defined the direction of contemporary art-ceramics of the western world.
This unique giraffe pattern is one of his signature designs, re-issued by his great nephew, and I absolutely love it - it’s hand made, hand decorated and highlighted in 22 carat gold leaf.
It’s very me.
And very Becker Minty.
Its diameter of 46 cm makes it perfect for the centre of a round table – one of my favourite looks. But considering its impact and the fact that it’s shallow, I’d be very tempted to pop it on a wall, a decorating choice some consider to be up there with flying ducks, but one of which I’m especially fond.
And at least it stops me filling it with food.
But why would I want to? It already has everything I could possibly need – animal motif and a shiny surface.