Thursday, 24 November 2011

Gilt Trip

Austerity measures be damned, bring on that gold!

Forget Melbourne and New York, let's occupy Fort Knox and El Dorado.

Dip it, brush it, roll it, or prize it rock solid.

Few natural substances possess the allure of gold. In good times and bad, for cultures old and new, this reservoir of sun from beneath the earth's surface makes the whole world a brighter place.

As a sun-worshipper from way back, I too have long been under the spell of this lustrous hue. And my two favourite designers of all time, Kelly Wearstler and Anouska Hempel, have also caught the rays.




And while Tamara Mellon has walked away from Jimmy Choo, she's still happily ensconced in the golden luxury of her London apartment.


But for those of us who want a little bit of Louis, without the expense of Versailles, below are my pick of ideal gilded accents.






From tabletop to ceiling rose, every surface deserves the touch of Midas.
Bring it on, roll it out and let it shine.