Thursday, 22 September 2011

Palme d'Or

Having just returned to a balmy Sydney spring after an Oceanic sojourn, I have fallen in love with all things Pacific. And while I still stand by my commitment to faux bamboo, the irresistible pull of the exotic extends well beyond some simple plant life. 


And I am certainly not the first urban dweller who’s visited the tropics and wished they’d brought some back with them. 

For as long as we have been invading, plundering, colonising and grand touring we have felt moved to create pieces inspired by the natural beauty we see in foreign climes.


                                        Jewellery. Furniture. Objets.

The array is endless, the adaptations transcending kitsch with wit, whimsy and often exquisite workmanship.

But nothing beats this fabulous pair of coconut palm lamps.

Perfectly proportioned. 
Forged in brass. 
With gold lined silk shades.

Elegant. Luxurious. And oh so tropical.

Paradise found.