Friday, 24 February 2012

A real corker

This is something I happened to see at a client's house recently, and it really appealed to me: a small side table in the form of a champagne cork.
It lives in a contemporary environment of clean straight lines and shiny modern surfaces, serving to provide a contrasting shape, colour and texture as well as adding a touch of whimsy.
And let's face it, its function is essential - who doesn't need somewhere to put their drink?
It's also reasonably light and easy to move, so no matter where you're drinking it's there to support you: champagne cork table - pop it anywhere you like.
Cheers to that.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sleeping with the Stars

I recently attended a lecture by uber-fab Interior Designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, he of Million Dollar Decorator fame.
He counts amongst his illustrious clients such luminaries as Cher, Elton John & Tamara Mellon, creating houses that are both comfortable and elegant.
Luxurious sanctuaries.
On a grand scale.
I love, love, love his work, and although the style of his projects can vary considerably, all share a common thread of opulence through texture, and feature sumptuous fabrics, employing one of my favourite concepts: a textile on a wall.
He especially loves it above a bed.
As do I.

Decoration above the bed draws the eye upward, adding height to a section of wall that can often feel low if there is only a bedhead, or nothing at all. It can balance the other high pieces in the room such as curtains or wardrobes. It's the perfect place to add colour and texture, or repeat those appearing elsewhere. And nothing does all of that quite like a textile.

But I must admit its appeal for me is also safety-driven: a large framed painting or photograph over my head inspires little more than nightmares of death by artwork.

And as for a mirror over the bed, I find this pointless.
Now don't misunderstand me, I do love a mirror.
It's one of the oldest (and best) decorating tricks in the book, creating an illusion of extra space and bringing more light into a room.
I love it in all the usual places, and especially love an entire mirrored wall.
But not, I repeat, NOT over the bed.
This is something I have often seen on real estate websites, in panoramic landscape form. This shape not only serves to stretch the room out where it's unnecessary, it creates a sense of low ceiling, which is something you don't want, no matter how cosy the space. And to die in your sleep covered in a thousand shards of your own fragmented refection would be truly tragic.

So for a truly stellar bedroom experience, with texture, colour, drama and warmth (and putting safety first), remember: rug up.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


'Two' seems to have been a bit of a theme for my blog recently, but I assure you I'm not all about a pair. I love a cluster. I'm all about balance through asymmetry, and I have an ongoing friendly struggle with a client who loves everything in pairs, often with a single item in between. I call it the 'shrine' style of decorating, and I tend to find it a little stagnant.
I prefer objects to encourage the eye to run smoothly about the space, resting on the key pieces and the spaces in-between, then gently moving on.
However, I do absolutely LOVE this perfectly symmetrical World of Interiors cover. It is not quite current but I've only just received my copy, and it's the mail I look forward to the most.

This magazine always inspires and delights, and this particular cover features SO many of my favourite things - a wall sconce, a wall-mounted mask, a rococo commode, a bit of taxidermy (not quite sure where you find a unicorn these days) and then they doubled it all.
Taking it from whimsical to fabulous.
And when combined with a wide-board oak floor, a controversial wall colour over every architectural feature and finished with an unexpected pendant light it's truly fantastical.