Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Animal Crackers

While we’re doing the whole animal motif thing (which, as you know, is always very Becker Minty) take a look at these amazing ceramics.
Love, love, love them.
Created by designer and decorator Gilles Caffier, they really challenge your notions of texture. At first glance it’s difficult to determine exactly what they’re made of – alligator, crocodile, tortoise – amphibious surfaces abound, all very tactile, absolutely begging to be touched, and perfectly safe to do so.
My understanding and appreciation of them was greatly heightened by learning that Caffier began as a textile designer: it somehow gives them a whole new level of sensitivity.
For while sensitivity may not be high up on your must-have-in-a-vase list, a little bit of artistic integrity goes a long way.
And I for one can never have too many natural textures indoors - they provide a soothing balance to all the shine. And these are so subtle and sophisticated. You can cluster them, or let them stand alone. Pop them on a side table, a coffee table, a mantel or a credenza. 
Fill them with flowers and trinkets, or leave them untended.
Clever, chic and easily housed.

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