Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Round Two

So you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I am loving all things gold right now. Truth be known, I always have. But recently I’m seeing it in every fab place I look. And while I’ve always been more attracted to the old than the new, there’s nothing I like more than a clever new take on something tried and true.

Just look at these – so cool. A clever little nest of 2 circular tables. Put them with a single chair, curving around the end of a sofa, or in the centre of an-L shaped modular - round is visually less intrusive than square, and provides an oft-needed softening effect. And I’m loving the fact that there are 2 in the set –  there's usually three in a nest and I never quite know what to do with the third; it just gets in the way and takes up space.

And they are truly, truly beautiful. Featuring a distressed gold leaf finish, the top of each is an inset round mirror that has been aged. They feel so contemporary yet so antique. Whether you’re going for Georgian, Deco or 70s Vegas these can slot right in; rustic or urban, industrial or refined, they’ll work with it all.

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