Friday, 14 September 2012

Big W

One venue we visited several times was the W.
Now I'm sure we all remember when the Blue at Woolloomoolloo was the W.
Loved it then.
Still do, in fact.
And about 15 years ago I stayed at the W in New York.
Lexington and 57th.
Mind totally blown.
But the W in Bali.
Completely out of this world.

From the long driveway.
To the W set with leaves and flowers.
The lagoon pools.
Woo Bar.
Lounge areas.
It feels like its own little lavish principality, tucked away from the sights of the rabble.
If Seminyak has become the French Riviera of the region, then the W is Monaco.
Without the gamble.
A guaranteed win. 

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