Thursday, 13 September 2012


The first outing on our first full day in paradise saw us revisiting Cocoon, the scene of some luxurious poolside memories from my previous trip.
Those of you who haven't visited Bali are perhaps reading this thinking poolside? but surely there's beautiful beaches?
Yes, there are.
But not in Seminyak.
Well perhaps the beaches are nice, but the crowds on the beach are not.
And nor are the peddlars.
And the water is not that clean.
And it's kind of warm.
So it's all about poolside.
And not just your own pool.
Nor the communal pool at the resort.
But the pool at the Beach Club.
So called because it's beside the beach.
Or perhaps even across the road from the beach.
But not actually on the beach.

Upholstered sun lounges.
That are yours all day long.
Perfectly positioned and stable umbrellas.
No sand.
Yes, no sand.
And staff.
Endless staff.
To bring you towels.
And beverages.
You need never get up.
Except of course to dip in the cool, still, clean water.

Although should you so choose there's private day beds....

And quite the range of indoor and outdoor dining and bar options...

Since returning home I have read that Bali is fast becoming the St Tropez of the southern hemisphere.
Now I didn't notice celebrities, royalty or excessively large motor launches.
But there is a decidedly mediterranean flavour to much that is on offer there, while still retaining a clear local identity.
Quite the fusion.
And Cocoon exemplifies this perfectly.
Chic, comfortable and location appropriate.

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