Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Victorian hand-me-down


Life at Becker Minty has been action packed, the inspiration coming so thick and fast that my blogging has not been able to keep up with the pace. But finally this vase has burst through the crowd to lend me a hand, and shake things up again.

Hailing from England, and dating from the the latter part of the 19th century this black glass vase was part of a general wave. More often seen in jewellery, particularly jet, the carved hand was a popular motif. The hardest part of the human body to portray, the hand gives artists and artisans an opportunity to demonstrate their skill. And when executed well it is a beautiful symbol of friendship and offering. Exactly what the hand is holding symbolises the offering. And in the case of this Victorian black glass vase, it is a cornucopia: horn of plenty, symbolising fruitful abundance. The perfect vessel for a fulsome floral bouquet,  this vase pre-dates the Statue of Liberty (whose hand bears an uncanny resemblance!), and whether holding a torch or a flower, each is an elegant statement, both victorious and triumphant.

I think that deserves a hand.

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