Wednesday, 27 July 2011

In the black

Falling in love with the black glass hand vase of the previous blog has really highlighted that the black market is a great place to be.

The longtime favourite of fashionistas around the world, black is a colour I am loving for interiors, be it as accent or a dramatic dominant.
Not that it's new - just coming out of the dark.


Whether in furniture, curtains, cushions or lamps, there are no black marks against this shade.


An unlikely choice for a Colour Consultant, perhaps, given the vastness I have to choose from. 
But one that never seems wrong.

Darkening the doors has never been so positive, this moody hue bringing with it a sense of luxury and sophistication that is hard to compare.

And top of my black list are these fabulous urn shaped vases.

Of classical form with garlands in relief, these hand made Italian ceramics speak of antiquity while having a completely contemporary matt black finish.

So now. So chic. Total black beauty.


  1. Oh the beauty of black. We live in a manganese brick black townhouse. Plus the interior black framed window coverings are all black velvet. It's the best. Yes total black beauty.

  2. The perfect blackdrop for your beautiful scarves Julia!