Tuesday, 7 June 2011

School of Fish


Well, technically they’re not fish – they’re dolphins. And we all know dolphins are meant to be amongst the smartest of animals. Along with pigs and humans. 
And although they can’t read, write or speak in the human sense, this particular pair can certainly hold up their end of a learned study.    


Perhaps you may not be able to immediately identify them as dolphins, but let me assure you, they are. For while they are contemporary, ceramic and hand made in Italy, they are inspired by extravagant dolphin designs of early 19th century Europe and English Regency. 


This period’s aesthetic derived in many cases from the mythology of ancient Mediterranean and Asian cultures, and as the dolphin frolicked prolifically in these, its form continually surfaced in the imagery they  inspired.

Seen as guardians and guides, symbols of love, innocence and beauty, and possessed of a healing power, perhaps no creature is better qualified to perform the function that these particular dolphins do.

And we haven’t even talked about the colour: a guache-like turquoise glaze reminiscent of the azure waters of the dolphin’s natural habitat. So cool, so soothing, and so hot right now.

Every piece at Becker Minty has a story, and these fabulous Italian ceramic dolphin bookends can support all the stories you like. 

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