Thursday, 19 May 2011

New York, New York - Feel the Luxe

As the saying goes, New York is so good, they named it twice. And as far as I'm concerned it's even better the second time around, certainly worth a re-visit.
So that's what we've done at Becker Minty, re-living everything from Prohibition to Studio 54 via a vintage collection recently hand-picked in New York by Jason Minty.

From tabletops to torsos, no surface has been left unadorned, and the lavishness of 20th century New York is all around us. 
Whether you fancy a cocktail, a disco top or a whimsical pair of bookends, every one can take a little bite of the Big Apple.

But beware, this collection is very more-ish: one bite is just not enough... 

But that's okay, because, as I've always said, less is just that - less, and more really is more.

You can even create your own Manhattan skyline with the truly sensational cityscape lamps and pendant light. Think bright lights, big city and pile on the silver, the gold and the glass.

On your dressing table, your coffee table and your bar. 

Then add colour. Lots of colour.  In glassware, ceramics and bakelite.

And if you need a small break from the big smoke, make like a true New Yorker and pop down to Florida for a minute and get yourself some bird life - prints, bottle openers and salt and pepper shakers, perfect for the collector of all things avian.

And for those who prefer something closer to the real thing, wrap yourself in our marabou and ostrich boas, collars and capelets. They may be new, but they've got vintage glam written all over them.


New York at Becker Minty: I wanna be a part of it.


  1. Love your blog Rodney! We miss your creative energy on the campus but obviously you are destined for much greater things that being a design student! So inspiring you are living your dream, keep up the great work.