Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sculptural planes

These propellors have gotta be up there with my all time faves. 

Before they came into my life I’d never looked at an aeroplane as a thing of beauty – I’ve always been primarily concerned with safety and comfort, not necessarily in that order. And only twice in my life have I boarded a propellored plane – once 25 years ago in China for a truly terrifying flight, where air conditioning consisted of hand-held paper fans; the other I jumped out of (with parachute, of course) and if you’d seen this plane you’d understand why I was glad to have done so.

                       But I’d never abandon these flights of fancy.

The highly polished, almost mirrored finish highlights the individual contours of   each propellor. And in so doing conveys an altogether different sense of movement from their original purpose. The technical and potentially dangerous has been tamed, and although now static, seems quite serene.

It’s like industrial taxidermy.

Perfect for the modern trophy hunter, each piece comes with a pedigree: the model number of the vintage plane, and the quantity built are documented. The age, original quantity and current condition determine the value of each propellor.  

Available at Becker Minty and online

And considering their artistic merit, and that they constitute a one-off expense that will last you forever, they are miles ahead of any other spare part.
And with the turning circle of a dinner plate they fit in any environment.

Perfect landing.

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