Friday, 7 October 2011

Washed ashore

The wintry weather has returned, but my heart remains in a tropical state; soothed by the calming colours and textures of all things marine, as once again the beauty of the natural world finds another habitat. 

Inspired by the coral of the Mediterranean, this pair of Italian ceramic candlesticks is awash with style. Hand made by artisans who continue a centuries old tradition, these pieces set an estival tone that is both casual and elegant. All year long.

By the sea, or on the land. So cool. So hot right now.

And while we're down there, who doesn’t love a shell motif?

For centuries we’ve been popping them everywhere.

 On silver.

On frames.

On furniture.


                  Jewellery.                                                    Porcelain.        


But my favourite application is on these beautiful cushions. 


Hand made and hand stitched, featuring a particularly aquatic colour combination of foam and eau de nil, they bring a slice of island life to any abode.

Scattered, strewn or cast adrift these soft shell furnishings bring new meaning to the term sea bed.

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